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Dahoam1516 Logo

Our Name, Logo &Mission

Dahoam is a uniquely Bavarian word that expresses more of a  feeling, than a place.  Yes, it means " at home," but it's less about the address and more about being "at home"..."cozy"..."with loved ones"..." feeling safe."  Dahoam is the place you come back to; where you want to be.  There's even a saying for this feeling: und do bin i dahoam...and there I'm at home.
1516 has two different reasons:  it's the year the Bavarian Reinhetisgebot ([Beer] Purity Law) was enacted, so an important date for anyone teaching classic Bavarian brewing, and it's our street number (totally coincidental).
In our logo, the house comes from Dahoam; the fork & brew paddle represent our brewing and cooking focus; the hops represent our commitment to local ingredients (yes we grow our own hops), and the Edelweiss signifies our alpine roots and source of knowledge.
Our Mission is to have fun and spread the joy and hearty fare of Bavaria, no passport required.  Our classes and experiences are all in English, though you may hear some German or Bavarian being spoken.  We keep things simple, hands-on and focused on having fun.

Some of our Team



Founder, Brewmaster

Chef, Brewer, Host

Hans brings his energy, authenticity, and passion to Dahoam1516.  Brewing, cooking, canning, does it all.



Co-Founder, Pitmaster

Chef, Brewer, Queen of BBQ

Louise brings her sharp wit, great sense of spice, and bbq expertise to Dahoam1516.



Artist in Tracht

Artist, Helper, Witzer

Dane brings a keen eye and a passion for art and design to Dahoam1516. Look around and see his work -- it's everywhere.



Keller, Wurstmaster

Handyman, Chef, Helper

Martin is always there with a "how can I help."  No task is too odd and he makes a mean wurst too.

Georg Our Mascot


Mascot, Protector, Trickster

Wolpertinger at Large

Georg lives in the Brewhouse and protects our beer.  He's best seen when you've had a few of our Wolpertiner Eisbock.

Cartoon of man yodeling

What people are saying...


The most fun I've had in a long time.  A great Fest.  I'll be back.   Prost!

One of our guests

Food was excellent, people were friendly.  It felt like I was at someone's home.



Beer!!!  And a great sausage on a roll.