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Our Experiences

We bring our classes to you....your event, workplace, school, even home

Currently, our Experiences still follow Covid-19 Guidelines.   We encourage smaller groups, masks, and safety.

Please consider this as we discuss your upcoming Experience ideas.  Email us at dahoam1516@gmail.com.


Social Brewing

Our commercial-grade, stainless steel Brew Kettle (Braukessel) can go literally anywhere. All we need is a standard 110-volt outlet and a table-height  (32-inch) counter/platform. 

That's it...really...we bring everything else


Choose from one of our curated Bavarian-style beer recipes.  We bring ingredients and equipment and set things up.  We walk you (hands-on) through all the steps in the homebrewing process, demystify things, and brew up 5 gallons of pre-fermentation beer (wort).  There's lots of time for socializing, sharing, and relationship building.

After the event is over, we take the un-fermented beer (wort) and finish it up for you in our private-label Brewhouse.  A few months later (great beer takes time), the finished beer is ready.  We help you bottle or keg it (your choice) for you to enjoy together at a follow-on event.


Looking for a unique business, team, or family event?

Try our Social Brewing Experience.

Social Brewing...is for all!!
Bang things...in the kitchen


Schnitzen (verb) means to carve or cut and Schnitzel (noun) means "little cut".   In Germany and specifically Bavaria, Schnitzel is a food preparation, not a single dish.  Schnitzel comes in many different forms and a wide variety of toppings, essentially Germany's version of "pizza," but with a yummy meaty "crust."

Our Schnitzelkraft* Experience is jas as varied as you find anywhere in Bavaria and comes in port, veal, or vegetarian offerings.  Choose from one, two, or three of our curated authentic Schnitzel recipes and then we bring all the equipment and ingredients to "Schnitzel with you."

We get "hands-on" and show you "how to schnitzel."  We then "bang out" and cook up a bunch of Schnitzel together.   We set up our unique Schnitzelbank'l (think of a do-it-yourself toppings bar) and have you "top your Schnitzel" as you like.  We add a few pre-selected Bavarian side dishes and you'll enjoy a heart Schnitzel-focused meal together.

All we need is a standard 110v outlet (or two), some table/counter space, and your participation.  We will bring everything else:  pre-Schnitzel items, toppings, side dishes, and our famous Schnitzelbank'l.


Looking for a unique business, team, or family experience?

Try our Schnitzelkraft Experience.

*Schnitzel + Kraft (power), so Schnitzelpower or Power to the Schnitzel.

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