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Some of Our Favorite Videos

Antenna Bayern - Music Video: Bayernhyme

Local Bavarian radio station gives this classic a new voice.

Antenna Bayern Channel                          Full Bayernhymne

Bobbe Kabarett - Music Video: do bine dahoam

Local Bavarian comedian Bobbe rebrands a classic tune and gives it a uniquely Bavarian feel.  Bobbe Kabarett

General Knowledge - A Brief History of Bavaria

Bavaria has been a unique political and cultural entity for centuries.   Here is a very brief history hitting the highlights.

Easy German - Bavarian vs Standard German

People often say that Bavarian and German are the same.  Not true.  Take a quick listen and see for yourself.

Writing Bavarian is even stranger.  Easy German Channel

Antenna Bayern - Bayern: Welcome home

Local Bavarian radio station gives us an infomercial.

Antenna Bayern Channel               More: Bayern from above

Some of Our Favorite Words & Sayings



At home or the feeling of being at home, cozy, familiar, you favorite place to be.


Farmer's Kitchen


Fraternity, Good Feelings, Cozy, At Ease   From Gemüt () and -lich (-ly or condition of) and -keit (state of).  You will find -lich and -keit ending many verbs making them nouns and states of's a German language thing.  

Some Fun Facts about Bavaria

Free-State of Bavaria
  • Largest of the 16 German states but only the 3rd highest population, think of it as the Texas of German.

  • Was a separate Kingdom until the early 1900s when it became part of Germany and still maintains some unique political entities.

  • Stretches from the Alps in the south to the fertile plains of Franconia in the north. 

  • Munich is the state capital and former imperial capital and is one of the largest cities in Europe.

  • Maintains two different flags both as part of the state flag and a 3rd with Bavaria's unique Coat of Arms.


Bavarian Traditions