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  • Work-Study

    Per Admission Plan
    Valid for 6 months
    • Access to single class or event based on per admission plan
    • Can apply to subsequent classes & events within plan period
    • Volunteer hours are required
    • Volunteer hours must be pre-approved by Event Host
    • Can reapply with Club permission every 6 months
    • Enrolled in Work-Study Email List

Non-Refundable after 30 days. Some services can take 2 days to become available.

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Volunteer Hours are hours donated to the club by working at events, club work days, or on special projects.   This is one of the primary ways the club stays open.   

As always, we keep these fun.  Work-Study provides specified class and event access based on pre-worked volunteer hours. 

They require a higher amount of volunteer hours.   Volunteer hours must be pre-approved by the Event Host or a Club Officer.

Work-Study does not imply a club membership, so no Ehrenmark is available.

Requires enrollment in the Work-Study Email List to assist with volunteer hours scheduling and administration.

Work-Study opportunities are given on a case by case basis and based on verification of certain criteria: income constraints / requestor intent (questionnaire)

Dahoam1516 reserves the right to seek confirmation of this criteria.   If verification and volunteer hours requirements are not met, the Work-Study Offering can be revoked.

Dahoam1516, its members and affiliates, do not discriminate against anyone based on age, gender-identity, lifestyle, race, religion, or affiliation.  If you enjoy brewing, cooking, and sharing in the bounty of Bavarian Culture, we welcome you fully.

We do practice positive age confirmation regarding consumption of alcohol (21+).

Proposed Calendar - Classes & Events

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