All Getränke are available as: Flasche (12 0z)

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All Draft Beers are available as: Maß (1 ltr - 34 oz) - Hoibe (1/2 ltr - 18 oz) - Pint (14 oz) - Short Pour (8 0z) - Flight of 3 Draft Beers (4 oz each)

Note: Home brewed beer is not regulated nor subject to health and safety standards.  (ABC makes us say this, but our beers are very safe.)

All items are pre-purchased based on your ticket.

This menu provides additional information about the dishes we are serving or accompaniments to our dishes.

If you have a question or concern, please ask a club member or the Chef.

All Happchen are available with your choice of condiments: Bavarian Stone Ground Mustard - Bavarian Sweet Mustard - Bavarian Horseradish Mustard - Grated Horseradish - Curry Wurst Sauce (Mild or Spicy) - Chef's Surprise