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Making Schnitzel

Our Place: Schnitzelkraft (8-12 people)

Learn the "Art of Schnitzel" and then enjoy a private Schnitzel Feast

  • 4 hr
  • Ex: $780 (for 8 ppl)
  • Dahaom1516

Service Description

Schnitzel! Yummmm... Looking for a unique business, team, or family experience? Try our Schnitzelkraft Experience. This is hosted by us in our Bauernküche (country kitchen). Schnitzen (verb) means to cut and Schnitzel (noun) means a "little cut". Throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and specifically Bavaria, Schnitzel is not a single dish, but a food preparation. Schnitzel comes in many different forms... Weinerschnitzel, Jaegerschnitzel, etc. and an endless variety of toppings. Essentially, it is Germany's version of "pizza," but with a meaty "crust." Nothing wrong with that. Our Schnitzelkraft* Experience is just as varied as the cornucopia of Schnitzels you find anywhere in Bavaria and comes in pork, veal, or vegetarian offerings. Choose from one, two, or three of our curated authentic Schnitzel recipes and then we bring all the equipment and ingredients to you. We "Schnitzel together" getting "hands-on" and teaching you to be the ultimate Schnitzelkoenig (Schnitzel King) or Schnitzelkoenigin (Schnitzel Queen). We "bang out" and cook up a bunch of Schnitzel. We then set up our unique Schnitzelbank'l (think of a do-it-yourself toppings bar) and have you "top your Schnitzel" as you like. We add a few pre-selected Bavarian side dishes and enjoy a hearty Schnitzel Feast. All we need is a standard 110v outlet (or two), some table/counter space, and your participation. We will bring everything else: pre-Schnitzel items, toppings, side dishes, and our famous Schnitzelbank'l. *Schnitzel + Kraft (power), so Schnitzel Power or Power to the Schnitzel. ____________________________________ Fine Print: $100 Site Fee $80 Instructor Fee $75 per attendee includes all parts of the experience (meal + class + samples) Minimum attendee count is 8. Maximum attendee count is 12. Pre-payment must be received 30 days prior to the event to confirm the booking. Cancelations are accepted as follows: 15 days prior - Full Refund 14-5 days prior - Partial Refund Less than 4 days prior - No Refund Host is responsible for all guest registration.

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