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This page is continuously updating as we find new bands.  Check back often from August - October.

Alpine Sound Band

Alpine Sound Band is a group from Silicon Valley who performs Austrian and German music from Tyrol and Bavaria

Deutscher Musikverein-SF

Combining Fest Classics, Marches, and Orchestral Pieces, it is a nice mix.

Polkageist West

Mixing Fest Classics and Contemporary


Where Festmusik meets Rock. Playing all the classics with a high-energy twist.

Gruber Family Band

Great Family Fun, the Gruber Family has been playing for generations...literally.

The Internationals

Keeping it Classic, these are the "guys in the band"

Chico Bavarian Band

Big, Brassy, Ooompah ringing out.

Olympia Fields Brass Band

Great Sound, Authentic Bavarian Brass Band. They can be a bit elusive without a website.

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