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We welcome everyone motto with a beer glass

Proposed Calendar

This calendar represents prospective classes, events, and activities.   

Actual dates can vary due to local conditions and considerations.   And we are known to add events/classes too.


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Snowman holding up a beer



06: End of Holiday Break

14: Class: 2 heary soups/stews

27: Class: Brewer's Choice

Heart with streamers on a mountain top overlooking an alpine lake


03: SF Beer Fest

09-18: SF Beer Week

11: Super Bowl (No Class)

24: Class: Weissbier/Radler

Glass of beer


10: Class - Schnitzelkraft

30: Märzenfest - Class & BBQ

Men in traditional Bavarian clothing at a table



01: Best of Alameda Voting Starts

07: National Beer Day

14: Class: Beer Snacks

23: International Bavarian Beer Day

27: Class: Brewer's Choice

Men in traditional Bavarian clothing raising a Maypole



01: May Day

04: AHA Big Brew Day - Brew Event

12: Mother's Day Brunch (New)

16: Vaterstag Event

26: No Class - Memorial Day Holiday

Traditional Bavarian House with flowers on front



09: Class: Chef's Choice

16: Fathers Day Brew & BBQ

29: Class: Brewer's Choice

Hops with a Bavarian Flag in background



04: 4th of July Parade

14: Wandertag (Hike & Picnic)

friends in our garden


04: International Beer Day

11: Class: Oktoberfest Favorites

25: Ludwig II Birthday & Brew Class


Curated Oktoberfest List Posted

Man in traditional Bavarian clothing rolling beer barrels before Oktoberfest


08: Class: Chef's Choice

21: Oktoberfest starts

21-06: Oktoberfest (München)

Oktoberfests (all around)

Statue of Bavaria, who overlooks the Oktoberfest


06: Oktoberfest ends

06: National German-American Day 13: Erntedankfest @ Dahoam1516

Oktoberfests (all around)

Autumn leaves with the Bavarian Alps behind them.



02: Class: Learn to Home Brew Day

10: Class: Chef's Choice

Old door with Christmas Wreath



06: Class: Holiday Cookies

06: Holiday Party & Open House

Closed 12/15-1/5 for Holidays

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